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July 15, 2021

Football at the Tokyo Olympics Preview!

Football at the Tokyo Olympics Preview!

It's Olympics Time! We're not talking about Simone Biles or Katie Ledecky, we're talking about the men's and women's Olympic football tournament! Which teams are going to get a medal? Who are the key players for each team? Let's talk about it.

Groups (Men's - A-D, Women's E-G):

  • A: Japan, South Africa, Mexico, France
  • B: New Zealand, South Korea, Honduras, Romania
  • C: Egypt, Spain, Argentina, Australia
  • D: Brazil, Germany, Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia
  • E: Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Chile
  • F: China, Brazil, Zambia, The Netherlands
  • G: Sweden, USWNT, Australia, New Zealand

Topics Covered:

  1. Group-by-Group previews (Predictions how the group plays out, how each team will fare, the 3 overage playersand the key players/tactics for each team)
  2. Our Predicted Medalists
  3. Dark Horse teams

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