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June 24, 2021

Have Austin FC been SUCCESSFUL? (w/ TwinOaksTV)

Have Austin FC been SUCCESSFUL? (w/ TwinOaksTV)

Today we take a break from our EURO 2020 talk to discuss Austin FC of MLS. They recently opened their new grounds, Q2 Stadium, and are looking to turn around their tumultuous start to the Major League Soccer Season. Joining us to talk Verde is Austin FC content creator, Francisco of Twin Oaks TV!

Topics Covered:

  1. How has the season been going so far for Austin FC?
  2. Who have been the best/worst players?
  3. Has Wolff been getting the most out of his players?
  4. How passionate have Austin FC fans been since the start of the season - and how has that been affected by the home opener?
  5. Preview of the rivalry matchup between Columbus Crew and Austin FC

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