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March 4, 2021

Politics, Racism, and Protest in Soccer

Politics, Racism, and Protest in Soccer

Warning: Discussions of racism and hate crimes

Do politics belong in soccer? What are some examples of racism in the game? Should players be allowed to kneel/protest?

Politics and racism have been and continue to be engrained in the fabric of soccer/football. After the events at US Soccer's AGM, we decided to start the first part of a larger conversation about racism and politics in soccer.

Topics covered:

  1. Zlatan states that athletes should stick to sports
  2. Seth Jahn goes on a racist rant at US Soccer's Annual General Meeting
  3. Can politics be removed from soccer?
  4. Examples of racism in soccer
  5. Should plays be allowed to kneel/protest?
  6. How do we be fight racism in soccer?

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