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May 14, 2021

The Future of the Columbus "Crew" w/ Orri Benatar of The Massive Report

The Future of the Columbus

#WeAreTheCrew. Today, AJ sits down with Orri Benatar of The Massive Report, the Columbus Crew arm of SB Nation to give an overview of the Columbus Crew Rebrand and what it means for the future of the club, the supporters, and MLS as a whole.

Topics Covered:

  1. What does the rebrand entail?
  2. Why are supporters upset? Why is the "Crew" name and the branding of the crest so important to them?
  3. What is the justification for rebranding from ownership/the FO? Is it just because they want to be a "Global Brand"?
  4. Will there be protests and boycotts of the team and their merchandise?
  5. Will the ownership walk back on the rebrand? Will they collaborate with Nordecke to come up with a compromise?
  6. What does this tell us about the direction that the ownership wants to take the team?
  7. What does this tell us about the present and future of MLS?
  8. Why do owners insist on rebrands to boring names, crests, and kits?

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