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Sept. 16, 2021

The Future of US Soccer (USMNT/USWNT, Equal Pay Lawsuit, Expensive Ticket Prices)

The Future of US Soccer (USMNT/USWNT, Equal Pay Lawsuit, Expensive Ticket Prices)

US Soccer in 2021 is at a crossroads, on the field - the US Men's National team is fighting to avenge their failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, the women's national team is working to rework itself after a mediocre finish to the 2020 Olympics. Off the field, issues of the past decade persist - the equal pay dispute between USSF and the Women's National Team rages on, ticket prices are acting as a paywall against some of the national teams' most valuable fans, and US Soccer's outreach - as always, leaves a lot to be desired. It leaves us to ask the question, Is US Soccer doing a good job? And what does the future of US Soccer and the US National teams look like? We answer these questions and more!

Topics Include:

  1. USMNT/USWNT on the field performance. Is it Vlatko and Berhalter out? How do we improve?
  2. Weston Mckennie and the needed increased transparency from USSF
  3. Expensive Ticket Prices - smart business or does it hurt US Soccer's potential reach?
  4. Hispanic-American outreach, are we doing enough or are we doing too much and pandering?
  5. How has USSF dropped the ball on the USWNT Equal Pay Lawsuit?

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