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April 29, 2021

The Growing Wealth Gap in Football: A Bubble About to Burst

The Growing Wealth Gap in Football: A Bubble About to Burst

Football is a business. From the formation of Premier League and the introduction of Sky Sports, TV deals, gate receipts, sponsorship revenue, all drivers of the global game. However, 30 plus years of commercialization has led dreadful effects across the footballing world. On the field, richer clubs have been running the show, causing a competitive gap between the have's and have not's in Europe's big leagues.

Off the field it's no different, the rich dominant sides get richer, causing a vicious cycle that has exacerbated the wealth gap between teams. With fewer resources, smaller teams can neither compete on the field, but off the field in getting more fans and sponsors.

This has led to a "Footballing Bubble" to form. In an attempt to further grow their business, club owners are constantly finding new ways to expand and keep up with the competition. This means increasing ticket prices, getting more and more sponsors, signing more lucrative TV deals, and of course, spending exuberant amounts on transfer fees and salaries in order to get big players and stay relevant. This level of conspicuous consumption isn't just unsustainable, it's downright harmful for the game. Which leads us to our open-ended discussion for today. Why is football so economically unequal, what's wrong with it, and what can we do to stop the football bubble - from bursting?

Some topics covered:

  1. Causes: UCL/UEL money, unequal TV revenue, overspending, FFP not being enforced, state-owned clubs
  2. Effects: leagues like the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, and Ligue 1 become less competitive; rampant overspending; hurts clubs in the long-run due to profitability being held paramount; over-expanding the game past sustainability. (Clubs mentioned: Leicester City, Chelsea FC, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, Juventus, PSG, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Bolton Wanderers, Bury FC)
  3. Solutions: The European Super League?, 50+1 and fan control (Kroenke out), Salary/Transfer caps, Stricter Financial Fair Play rules and punishments, more equitable TV deals, investments in the lower leagues.

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