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May 6, 2021

What the Manchester United Glazers Protest Tell Us About the Future of Football

What the Manchester United Glazers Protest Tell Us About the Future of Football

May 2nd, 2021. Thousands of Manchester United supporters, donning green and yellow scarves gathered outside of the Club's historic home, Old Trafford. The green and yellow scarves aren't what you necessarily think of when you think of Manchester United Colors. They are the colors of protest. Representing the old colors of the club, and worn as a slight to the hated owners of United: The Glazer Family. This is right off the heels of the European Super League, a closed off league only for elite clubs that threatened the very fabric of the footballing world. And while these protests may have been sparked by Manchester United's involvement in the failed Super League, the roots of discontent stretch much further than that. The Glazers protest has sparked much discussion about the role of ownership in football, fan control, and more. So today we ask - "What does the Glazers protest mean for the future of football?" It's a story of over-commercialization, profit over community, and hope for a potential future featuring 50+1 and fan controlled clubs.

Topic's Covered:

  1. What do these protests tell us about the current state of the footballing world? Rampant Commercialization? Profit over community? That fans won't stand for it anymore?
  2. Will these protests do anything in the immediate future? / Will the Glazers sell? (Valencia, Hull City, Bolton, Bury, Wimbledon, Schalke, Hamburger SV, Blackburn, Newcastle, Doncaster Rovers, Portsmouth, Charlton Athletic, Blackpool, Birmingham, Sunderland)
  3. The community is gathering support for 50+1. A petition calling for 50+1 reached 500,000 signatures, requiring the government to discuss passing a law on it. Will 50+1 help, how will it help, and will it actually happen?
  4. Will football actually become de-commercialized in the future? Or are we rolling towards rampant globalization of clubs?
  5. If it means spending less money on players and being less successful, would fans still support 50+1, community control, and de-commercialization? 

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